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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Find New Readers for Content

Tons of freelance writers in the biz create content to use for passive income. The more readers attracted the better. Having additional readers that usually pass your writing by make a stop is exciting and a nice benefit.  This is a nice article giving info on how to capture those readers you didn't know existed.

Check this one out


Unity and coherence make for great paragraph skills. Check out this brief video.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Income Diary Guest Posts for Freelance Income

There are literally hundreds of different places around the web for freelance writers to earn extra income. One of the best ones for guest posts is Income Diary. The website is owned by Michael Dunlop and has done very well since its inception. He is always on the lookout for guest writers with new material. Although there is actually an Income Diary team of writers contributing articles on a regular basis, the site encourages guest writers to apply.

Established over five years ago, it promotes lots of articles on various subject matters. There are some remarkable posts from more than a few guest writers. One of the best things about the site is they do not have an enormous amount of hiring criteria. Basically anyone proficient or an expert in certain areas will do well.  Info in connection with driving traffic, building sites, gaining more readers, increasing or creating online income or social media is encouraged to come pay a visit.

What type of articles do they need?

The online application is easy to complete and concentrates on what they want and need at this time from a list of items listed on the site. The major spotlight is connected to improving blog usability, speed and security. Though, other areas of expertise are also displayed.

One of the best things gained from being hired as a guest writer is the exposure your material gains. An author bio is attached to each post and exposed to approximately 10,000 readers connected with the sites mailing list.

The folks at this particular site are primarily interested in material falling under the category of a List Article. For the most part they enjoy making money and driving traffic subject matter.


Writers are paid very well by Income Diary. They ask freelance writers to put a price on their own work. What a writer is paid for each item is up to them. Generally speaking payment ranges between $50 and $200.  They pay very well compared to similar sites around the web. Anyone asking for $10 or less for an article is not someone they look forward to employing and rarely work with.

Payment is via PayPal and made after an item has been edited and is ready to publish. Characteristically an idea for a post is sent to the editors along with an asking price. After review the price is accepted or renegotiated and a go ahead is given for the article to be written.

The minimum word count is 1000. There is some help with article titles, but the content and subject matter is totally the responsibility of the guest writer. After the green light to write, they like a completion within 24 hours.

In conclusion

Guest authors are given credit for their articles. This is not a site interested in ghost writing. Therefore, any writers searching for a place to display their work, gain credit and enhance their resume would do well to pay them a visit.

Check out their application here. Income Diary

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Helping New Writers Benefits All Freelance Writers

Countless seasoned writers in the trade remember where a career began. There were a lot of rough roads crossed in the beginning. Recalling past blunders and bloopers when a writer first starts out is a painful memory for many. Overcoming obstacles and moving forward certainly came with a lot of headaches. More than a few incidents ended in lost revenue, clients and income. Looking back they quickly realize how valuable a little knowledge would have been at the beginning of this particular journey.
Even though lots of veterans had to endure negative experiences, up and coming writers certainly do not have to do the same. Help the future of freelance writing by introducing valuable skills and know how to the next generation. Creating articles and material they are able to use to move forward faster is a great way to see this happen. Help them miss negative encounters faced by many early in a career.

It is difficult to put a price on what is gained as an asset for new writers capable of ducking bumps in the road to success with a little help. Scores of newbies avoid mistakes and have the opportunity to enhance skills with the right articles. The significance of what seasoned writers share is priceless in lots of circumstances. The more resources located in this area the better for every writer.

Why share with others?

It is a worthy venture for practiced writers dredging up memories and sharing sometimes painful episodes from newbie days. Communicating personal know how to others in the same occupation is a commendable cause. Freelance writing advice is certainly appreciated by tons of individuals struggling in some way.  Helping new writers actually benefits everyone.

There are always people in the biz more knowledgeable and others less skilled than you happen to be. This means you also find advantages with this process.  Any writer lending a helping hand to one less capable doesn’t hurt any individual’s livelihood. In fact, it enhances the writing industry as a whole on several levels. Everyone is able to gain something. There are more than a few positive results received from these seeming selfless actions. Think about these contributions when making the decision to participate.

1.      Crafting meaningful material helps an author by putting more writing familiarity under the belt. The more a writer creates, the better they become regardless of the subject matter.  

2.      A great feeling comes with knowing the help given makes beginner writers produce better work. The material becomes more valuable using your skills.

3.      Monetary gains are seen in lots of situations practicing the knowledge distributed. It comes with increased page views or other forms of income linked to better production and more superior work.  

4.      Dedicate something meaningful to your chosen profession. It gives the donor a nice feeling.

5.      These are usually easy articles or content to produce because they contain a familiar subject matter. These require little or no research. They are created from proficiency that comes easy to you now.

6.      New friendships and relationships are established. In certain circumstances these connections are capable of benefiting both parties now and in the future.

How to share?

The information doesn’t necessarily need to be in the negative format. Avoid finger pointing, “I told you so”, what not to do or downbeat feelings. Remember you want to hold the readers interest and educate them. For the writer and the reader the positive atmosphere works well. In reality it functions better than negative in almost all cases.

A general article highlighting several personal pitfalls which stand out for you and overcoming them is one of the vehicles tried and found to work well. Posting the contents of a single article on a writing site is a possibility, but there are other options as well. Blogging is a resource many have tried. Other avenues are also available.
What to write about

With all of the material fitting under this particular heading there is a ton of things to write about in general or in detail.  Imagine how many directions and courses a writer is able to take with tips, advice, instructions, guidelines, general info and so much more.

Competent writers are able to present it in the form of article lists, blog posts, a series of articles connected to one characteristic of writing, reporting on positive or negative aspects of a subject, how to put a story together, making the right title work well, getting over writers block, bringing out a great character, finding an editor and the list goes on and on.

Presenting or laying out an article in any arrangement is possible and acceptable. Organizing thoughts and facts in a design structure making it interesting as well as easy to read and understand is the ultimate goal. Share in a manner where you find your comfort level.

In conclusion

Introducing the next generation of writers to the trade by way of a veteran’s proficiency makes lots of experienced persons feel old. Do not allow this to be all you take away from the experience. There are skilled countless “old timers” feeling an obligation to the profession to contribute something beneficial. Any investment made in the future is characteristically a positive return.

Dependable, reliable and proficient writers relaying accurate, interesting and beneficial material to readers is important. Supplying future writers with the tools they need is a great way to make certain these higher standards and abilities continue with the next generation.

The Failure of an I Love Article Template

Article templates are a terrific way to structure content. They help organize thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner. These are extremely helpful tools of the trade. Using them is an easy way to write lots of articles quickly for many veteran writers. Newbies find them valuable as well. Using one to construct an article is a great way to present clear and intelligible material to readers.

Templates exists for lots of different kinds of articles. One of the newest to hit the net is an I Love Article template. After reviewing the info on this particular one, I would vote hands down. There are lots of negatives and not very many positive aspects to it. Take a quick look at what it has to offer and judge for yourself. Would this be something to really benefit your writing?

Have you heard of the I Love Article Template? When I first read the words I imagined it was a joke. Guess what? It isn’t. Apparently there is an actual template designed to format written content with the focus being “I Love”. The writer uses their emotions for input. Writing about something you love appears fairly easy. The real question is whether or not you are able to make money as a writer using it. This is the main focus of the professional writer for any tool in the profession.

What is it?

A writer picks a subject and gives reasons why they are passionate about it or why they love it. A list follows the opening paragraph designed to bring in the reader. It shares the passion the writer feels about the article. 
This template differs from a list article template in lots of ways. Instead of giving things such as pros and cons in a subjective way, it is slanted to the sentimental bias of the creator.

How it differs from a List Article Template

It appears on the surface to be a form of simply writing in the same structure of a list article. An individual reason why the writer loves something is given. Each begins with the phrase “I Love” and the reason why. Most readers are used to seeing with this kind of design with a positive or negative direction. Supporting facts, figures and other material enhance the readers experience and knowledge with a list type of article. All of these features are missing with the "I Love" article template.

Why it doesn’t work

There are more than a few disadvantages to using this article template to produce content. Before using it, find out why the structure could do more harm than good for lots of writer’s endgame.

Most writers create an article outlining the positive aspects of something. Whether the focus is a person, place or thing they involve themselves in the art of writing the best possible piece of content. There are times when the negative road is taken. However, advantages are generally more popular than disadvantages.
The benefits are typically clear cut and instructive in some fashion. Most define why the author has taken this particular standpoint very well. Structuring material with this layout or something similar relays more expertise in the subject matter.

a)      This is helpful promoting a Valentine’s Day theme. Even other holidays like Christmas will see some interest. Though, using the template does lose credibility with readers because it lacks an important feature. A reader should leave with more knowledge than they came with. Anyone searching for expertise in an area would want a better authority than “I Love”.

b)      It is lacking in originality and innovation. The basic design follows the list template.

c)      It doesn’t inspire an authority in a field. What someone loves doesn't encourage providing a reader with what they are searching for on the web.

d)      Although it is full of emotion, the believability in any facts displayed is lost.

e)      Are there really readers excited and waiting to discover why a writer personally loves a person, place or thing? More realistically they are searching for valuable information important to them personally. They want or need something other than personal opinions

f)       There appears to be no research necessary and will my personal opinion benefit a reader’s knowledge or skills?

g)      More than anything will a writer be capable of holding a reader's interest through personal bias? The likelihood is slim.

h)      The key phrase of the topic is certainly in danger of oversaturating an article or piece of content in lots of circumstances. This is deadly when it comes to search engine optimization. There is even the possibility of drawing negative attention toward the work from search engines using this type of design.

Organizing research data, facts and figures lends competency along with credibility to work. Excitement and passion are certainly conveyed with an “I Love” article template. Though, it is possible to relay the same feelings with other methods of communicating the same material. Lend work more credibility by using methods which have been tried and true. This type of article simply doesn’t have the same positive advantages to other types of writing methods of communication.

In conclusion

New things are certainly on the horizon and shared successfully every day. This is one offered as a useful advantage to writers. These are some pros and cons of the template. Everything which exists is always capable of becoming better. Change is inevitable. Not all change is in a positive direction. Unfortunately, this is one example where the negatives outweigh the positive.

Future changes to the formula could potentially make it better and in a position to offer real help to any writer. The current standing is one not worthwhile. In fact, it could be potentially harmful to a writing professional attempting to advance their career.

There are pioneers in the industry willing to try out new forms of conveying info. If you are adventurous and feel you will make this one work to your advantage, go for it. However, the odds are certainly against it at this time.
Using a structure readers find familiar does have a safety net. The stats support victories for article templates capable of giving some expertise or know how. Success is provided with practices readers feel comfortable engaging in. The I Love article template has yet to prove itself. I personally give it thumbs down.